First Upgrades

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I have not even had a chance to ride my new bike yet because it is winter here in Michigan, but I know I need new grips and pedals. Last year I suffered pretty bad with Tennis Elbow, so this year I decided I would try and get ahead of it with some ergonomic grips. I bought a pair of Ergon GP1-L from JensonUSA. So far like the feel of them but only time with tell. Ergon GP1-L

My second upgrade was pedals. Last year was my first year with clipless pedals and the overall experience was good, aside from a few falls when I could not unclip in time. I ran a set of Shimano M520 SPD all season long, but I wanted to try some CrankBrothers because of the increased float. My knees did not always like my feet being locked in and unable to move much. I found a great deal on a set of CrankBrothers Candy 1 at JensonUSA. I also picked up a set of shoe shields to protect the bottom of my shoes. crankbrothers candy 1

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